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Taking charge of our African heritage and narrative.

Afrika Rise Foundation (ARF) is a social impact non-profit organisation, dedicated to empowering the marginalized communities with capacity building programs, with the primary focus to under-developed communities. We mobilise communities to participate fully and be involved in all aspects of the project life cycle. Our key areas of focus are poverty alleviation, sustainable job creation and to address the negative impact that climate change has on development. We ensure that civil society has access to basic human needs such as education, food security and health services.

Afrika Rise Foundation represents a new breed of proactive and creative visionaries within the social development fraternity. Our organisation focuses on social impact assessments and development through coordinate thematic research across various programs and projects. We collaborate with capacity building and research institutions with an objective to ensure that our services remain relevant, meet the needs and aspirations of our people.

We also analyse global trends in order to strengthen our services and keep abreast with Social Development Goals. Our holistic approach ensures fully integrated onboarding. We are inspired by humanistic development vision founded on the rights of social inclusion, emancipation, shared responsibility and accountability.


Afrika Rise Foundation’s geographical reach is aimed at under-developed and developing economies where poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, environment degradation and diseases such as HIV/AIDS are often endemic. Our coordinated thematic research in socio-economic assessment provides an added advantage to identify and manage the operation’s social and economic impacts.
The thematic research involves:
  • Profiling surrounding communities
  • Engaging with local interest groups to identify perceived impacts
  • Produce management plans
  • Publish a report that provides the basis of the on-going relationship between the community and Afrika Rise Foundation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Transform lives through a meaningful participation of all citizens in matters that affects their development.
Afrika Rise Foundation will create an effective social development platform that encourages communities to collectively work towards sustainable developmental goals.
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Services & Programs

Our Services and Programs seek to address challenges primarily faced by vulnerable groups such as women, children, youth and the disabled. We offer a meaningful contribution in addressing the inequalities that continue to undermine social cohesion in our communities. We understand that in Africa, development is people-driven and the only way we can change the plight of Africans is through for the people to full participation and the ownership of macro-economic activities and livelihood. Our programs ensure that individuals and communities optimise their functional capabilities to the benefit of human development holistically.


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